Song Festival Grounds

Loone gave you a glimpse into the history behind the choir singing tradition in Estonia. I wanted to add a bit of the “how it feels” element.

Today is the day – after five years we’re going to sing again under that beautiful arch of the song festival grounds. It’s a symbol, something every Estonian knows and relates to. What you can see and hear today is a product of years of hard work, dedication and love. Love of music, love of your people, culture, history, country – your life.

But no matter how much I would try to describe the magic of joint singing, the shared pulse and synergy of my people in this moment, my words would fail. Therefore, I’ll leave it to the song itself, to carry all the meanings and messages, and share with you one of the hundreds of videos available online. I love this song possibly the most, as for some reason it never fails to touch my soul.

“Ta lendab mesipuu poole” (“He flies towards the beehive“), from song festival in 2014