Seal / Hallhüljes
by Remo Savisaar

To introduce Estonia, our multitalented artists, and the upcoming conference, Estonian Reading association has put together a special calendar. Counting down to the conference, we will be introducing the Estonian children’s games included in this calendar.

These games are from different time periods, and different places, gathered by the scientists of the Estonian Literary Museum. The collection of Folklore Archives is called Uka-Uka like a famous hide and seek game.

We have maintained the wording of each collector, as much as possible. For us the way a child sees his or her game is something to be valued.


Game of speed and reaction. At least 4-5 participants. Chairs are needed (one less than the number of participants). Each person who has a chair will be named, for example, „Apple“, „Pear“, „Plum“ etc. The person for whom there is no chair will stand in front of the players and starts saying the names. Whose names are said must switch the seats, but the standing player must reach either chair first and sit down on it. Then the person who lost the seat will start calling the names.

Pärnu-Jaagupi, girl, b. 1972