FELA, the Federation of European Literacy Associations, is a voluntary organisation with roots in Nordic cooperation since 1948. Some 30 years later, in 1977, the group became the European Committee of the International Reading (now Literacy ILA) Association (IDEC). The network has grown from six national associations to currently 29.

EstRA has been an active member since its foundation in 1992.

IDEC created a parallel body, FELA, in 2008, and in 2018 the entities merged.

Today FELA is the European partner to ILA.

From January 2019, FELA has restructured itself.

Institutional membership is now open to organisations, research institutes, even Pan-European federations which are concerned with or interested in literacy with objectives compatible with those of the Federation. The expanding membership offers FELA the benefit of various professional views and a wide range of experiences. http://www.literacyeurope.org/membership

FELA is Inclusive − Sharing − Voluntary

The FELA network facilitates effective reaching out. FELA continues to carry out both ad hoc and ongoing activities and projects: the SWLT, Schools where Literacy Thrives, project since 1998; The Initial Teaching of Literacy Across Europe since 2010; Participation in ELINET 2014−16 and the ELIT project 2020 onwards; the European Exchange programme since 1997; the biennial European Literacy Award; Seminars and professional events; The European Literacy Conferences, biennial since 1977.

I hope to see the reader of this text in Dublin 2021!

Since the start EstRA has been an active and contributing partner: Meeli Pandis has been a Chairperson, EstRA has won the European Literacy Award, twice! EstRA has hosted the European Literacy Conference, and in January 2020 EstRA is hosting the 4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy!

FELA foresees continuing leadership and projects, and collaboration by and with EstRA. Thank you and Congratulations!

Ann-Sofie Selin PhD

FELA Chairperson