Winter by Tõnu Tunnel

All over the world we are witnessing how students have taken a lead to urge governments to take climate change seriously. We as educators support them in their actions and wish to give our event as small ecological footprint as possible. Therefore, we have paid special attention to many details in order to make our conference green, and we are happy to give you an overview of what we are doing in the weeks to come.

Local transportation

We chose the venues and most conference hotels so that it would be easy to go from place to place by foot or by tram/ public transportation. As Tallinn itself is such a small city where everything is within easy reach, our task was made quite easy to begin with.

The delegates coming to Tallinn will surely find it wonderfully convenient that the distance from the airport to the city centre is just 4km, and a direct tram connection means it is reasonable to skip the transfer bus entirely. If you travel light (e.g. with a backpack), you could even walk the distance, having a lovely stretch and a breath of fresh air and reaching your hotel in about 30-40 minutes.

In addition, thanks to Tallinn City Government our conference participants will get to enjoy the public transportation free of charge, just like the citizens of Tallinn.

Tallinn became the first European capital city with free public transportation on January 1st, 2013. The system works so that in order to use Tallinn’s network of trams, trolleys, buses and trains a person must register as a resident, which in turn enables the municipality to profit 1000€ from your income tax each year. In return, all residents are able to use the public transportation free of charge.

For our conference guests a special QR code will be provided prior to the conference so you can start using it from your very first ride on the public transport in Tallinn simply by scanning the code in the orange ticket machines on board the vehicles using either the smart phone screen or a printout.

If you need to call a taxi, we suggest using the electrical taxi companies reachable by telephone numbers +372 588 588 00 or 1917.

Alternatively, you can also be your own driver by renting a car from the street using a CityBee app:

To be more environmentally friendly, we encourage you to share the ride with fellow delegates, whenever possible.