Local produce and service changes by Tõnis Vaikmaa, Tervise Catering OÜ

When working in catering sector in Estonia you need to consider four distinctly different seasons which sets certain limits and makes you more creative in your search for new and different solutions. All this influences Estonian cuisine.

In the last three years we have seen a considerable change in our society with the rise in consumption awareness. More and more people start choosing products and services that are healthier and originate from cleaner environment.

On the example of Tervise Catering we can say that the clients have become much more aware and venturous in the last three years. A lot of attention is given to the produce used by the company, and the produce coming from the Estonian small scale farmers and producers is favored. Thanks to that a lot of those small enterprises are able to offer stable shipment of their produce.

The best part is that as the time goes on, more and more producers find us and come to introduce their new products – be it berries, herbs, vegetables or cheese. For the most part all this produce comes from organic farming. In mutual cooperation and directing new products are born.

Estonian consumer prefers high quality local produce on a daily basis and the local food industry really makes an effort to provide that.

Offering catering service in many grand events during the last year very often the main keywords were ecological footprint and sustainability. This kind of input really made our team to focus, we needed to change our way of thinking and doing things. Reusable materials, biodegradable food packaging when serving food, recycling garbage in a thought-through manner. Menus are becoming increasingly vegetarian, and great emphasis is placed on using seasonal produce. We have clients who wish that the entire menu would be meat free, and also those who wish to have organic food only.

Food served during the conference:

Tervise Catering serves food at the opening reception of the conference, and also at the reception in the Children’s Literature Centre on January 16th.

Farewell dinner takes place at restaurant Olde Hansa, a place with a very unique food concept. Olde Hansa also uses fresh and country grown ingredients that are obtained directly from local farmers and hunters. It goes without saying that lentils do not grow in Estonia and spices come from the east, in the old days they were brought on ships to the Tallinn harbor, but the vast majority of raw materials are local, wholesome and of very high quality.

At the Creative Event on January 18th the soup is served by Podisev Pada, specialized in field catering. They will also offer hot drinks and food packages for those going to the Narva excursion.

Tere is supporting the event with a selection of glazed curd snacks.