Estonian Reading Association is a long time partner of the Children`s Literature Center. Since 2009 we have had shared projects and have together selected the best children’s books in the Estonian Union of Child Welfare project.

The opening event of the conference will be held at the Children`s Literature Centre in Tallinn Old Town,  Pikk street 73, where you can enjoy the beautiful historic building full of books, art and good atmosphere.

The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre has created a home for children’s literature in the magical Old Town of Tallinn. The centre is located in a historic building near the medieval Great Costal Gate and it is filled with books, fairy tales, and illustrations. The building houses a children’s library with the most comprehensive collection of children’s books in Estonia, a museum introducing the history of Estonian children’s literature, illustration galleries featuring exhibitions of book illustrations from talented artists from all over the world, and an attic space for activities that support the development of children into readers that appreciate literature and books.

The history of the centre dates back to 1933. In its current form, the centre was established in 1997 as the legal successor of the Estonian Children’s Library. The centre collects, preserves, and offers all enthusiasts the opportunity to engage with children’s and youth literature as part of Estonia’s cultural heritage. Its mission is to teach individuals to appreciate literature and books by supporting a variety of initiatives, including research, education and entertainment.

The activities of the centre are manifold. The children’s library in the centre offers reading material for children up to the age of 16 and serves all children’s literature enthusiasts. The collection includes the newest publications as well as beloved classics, and our librarians will help all readers with finding their next favourite book to read. Visitors can take part in a variety of cultural experiences in the centre ranging from exhibitions, concerts, performances, literary events, etc.

The centre also encourages and recognizes the creators and mediators of children’s literature: children’s writers, illustrators, translators and publishers. Recognizing and awarding the creators of the best works of children’s literature and organising creative competitions for new manuscripts is essential to the development of the field so that children would have high-quality reading materials in the future.

The centre collects and preserves Estonian-language and Estonian-published children’s books and magazines, along with classics and awarded works of the world children’s literature in their original languages. The collection additionally includes reference works, monographs and magazines of the field of children’s literature, as well as original works of children’s books illustrators. As such, the centre is a valuable resource for professionals ranging from literary scholars and librarians to school and kindergarten teachers alike.

To support these professionals and other literature enthusiast the centre compiles and administrates children’s literature databases and e-catalogues and provides up-to-date information on the field. Additionally the centre coordinates cooperation with researchers of children’s literature by organising seminars and information days and publishing works on children’s literature.

Promoting children’s literature at home and abroad through literary projects, illustration exhibitions and participation in large-scale literature events and international book fairs is also important part of the centre’s activities. Local and international events and activities, which are associated with literature and books, encourage young readers to spend more time with books.