Let’s talk about water and plastic.

You can drink tap water everywhere in Estonia, including Tallinn, and thus we encourage you to bring along a reusable water bottle which you can refill anywhere throughout your stay.

Tallinn’s drinking water is produced from surface water of lake Ülemiste. Further information is available at http://vesikraanist.ee/en/about-us/

In addition to the practical use of the lake, it also serves as a source of legends. The mythological “Ülemiste Elder” (Estonian: Ülemiste vanake) is believed to live in the lake. If anyone should meet him, then he is believed to ask: “Is Tallinn ready yet?” If then the other person answered “yes”, then he would flood the city, and so according to the myth, the necessary response is “No, there is much to be done yet”.

To reduce the number of disposable plastic cups, you are also welcome to bring along your own mug, which you can exchange with fellow participants.

There will be also rental mugs available. You can rent the mug for 6€ (cash) and return it after use (at which point you will be refunded) or keep the mug as a souvenir. The mugs come from Support Center Juks, which provides social services for intellectually disabled people. Organisation’s aim is to support people with special needs to cope maximally in everyday life, in vocational trainings and in working life. See what they tell about their Center and art.

Searching for a common language…

Yes, language is what unites a nation. It is definitely the case with Estonians and also with other small nations.

Language is what opens the channels for communication. If you understand the language of your neighbor it is easy to become friends.

There is one language that is understandable for all those who can see. It is the language of images.

There is also one language that unites all people and that is the language of the heart.

We feel with our hearts how the other person is feeling, and help with a friendly smile in every day.

I believe that the creations of people from Juks are such that you can see with your eyes, feel with your heart and really hold it in your hands.

In the centre we have a porcelain painting workshop, where work is done under the guidance of Juta.

Ergo, Riho, Veronika, Sten and Ago are these people who have together been able to paint the thoughts in their hearts on the mugs, using the skills of their hands.

This work is not at all easy. The mug is big and quite uncomfortable to hold while painting.

But they enjoy doing this, and we enjoy using these mugs.

It is wonderful to hold such a mug in your hands while discussing the matters of the world with your friends.

And it is much needed! The world around us is changing and we need to start using the knowledge of our ancestors again.

Why use disposable plastic cups when there are big white mugs with completely unique designs.

On these mugs you will see flora and fauna, and also beautiful women catch your eyes on the white porcelain.

All the images are unique – just like we all are one of the kind, and long to hear the language of love that comes from the heart.

A smile will play on your lips when you drink from a mug that has been crafted with love.

By buying the mug you will directly help raise funds for Support Centre Juks, plus get a unique handmade souvenir and avoid plastic pollution of the Earth.