Holy Spirit Church clock
Photo by Tavi Grepp


One of the players is a clock buyer and the other is a clock seller. Rest of the players are clocks. The buyer must walk away and wait at some distance, while the seller gives the clocks instructions, such as certain words, phrases or sentences. For example, names of birds and animals, as well as various sentences, like „there is a big pig in the village“ etc. Then the buyer returns and says: „Hello, do you have clocks to sell?“ The seller replies: „We certainly do, what kind of a clock do you desire?“ The buyer chooses the clock and asks, what does it cost. The seller names its price. The clock will go along with the buyer, who will wind the clock up at home. The clock must now utter what the seller had told him/her. The buyer does not like this clock and will return it to the shop to make a change. The buyer will purchase a new clock, but the same will happen. All the clocks will be returned to the shop one after another. Will make the changes as long as the right clock has been found.

Lüganuse, girl, b. 1952