Upside Down House by Konstantin Sedev


In II-IV grade we played „Hopa“. This game can also have just 2 players, the maximum number of players is not set. Everyone in circle, players start reading a rhyme and jump the „scissors“ (one foot in front, the other behind). The rhyme is following: „Hopa-hopa, hopa. America, Europe, Japan and Kitai, …. was named!“ On the dotted line a name of a player is added. When the last word is uttered, everyone will stand still, feet more or less apart. Whose name was called must say a number. With this number of moves the feet of all players must be brought together from the feet apart stance. The move here means that feet cannot be lifted from the ground, but must be moved by placing heels and toes one after another on the ground.

(Played only by girls.)

Tallinn, girl, b. 1977