Maria Jürimäe and Kadi Lukanenok

We kindly ask you to participate on Creative Event on Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 6 pm till 9 pm at the conference venue at Tallinn University, Mare atrium.

At the end of the first day of presentations, the conference attendees will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy and spend time together in Creative Event singing, playing music and expressing themselves in visual arts or movements. In the Creative Event we offer for you the stage for music and the field for expressions on visual arts. Everyone is free to create and have fun according to their national traditions and / or personal artistic beliefs.

Everyone can bring along musical instruments, and we also have some available – piano, violin, guitar. Any kind of performances – prepared or improvised, solo, duo, team – are warmly welcome. Different joined musical adventures – singing together, playing games with music and songs – are the core of that evening. They can be something national, some children rhymes-songs-dances or some contemporary performances about finding a common language.

For the visual art part of this evening, we will provide a field to draw, paint and make different collages to express your accumulated impressions. All participants will have the opportunity to choose between creating alone by him/herself or doing it together. There is also the opportunity to swap genres and commute between musical self-expression and visual art according to everyone’s wishes and situation in the soul. At the end of the Creative Event, we have made a large panel that vividly expresses the wishes and aspirations of the participants in the language of visual art, and remembering that will help us to meet the challenges of everyday life. All the necessary visual art tools are on site. Participants are welcome to bring their familiar and handy tools that do not need water or dirty clothes. Exotic and / or archaic tools are particularly welcome.

Playing music in the background and creating a picture with music is extra fun! Come along and contribute to the success of the evening by representing yourself and your culture!

Participation in the Creative Event is free. Soup and Estonian national dessert Kohuke will be served during the evening. There will a bar where you can buy cash. Everyone is also most welcome to bring along their national snacks, sweets, beverages and so on, to introduce these to others.

Come and join us!

Sincerely inviting you to a Creative Event

Kadi Lukanenok, conference committee, EstRA board

Maria Jürimäe, conference committee, EstRA board